Sincera Sistemi


Sincera Sistemi, a constant presence in the international market over the years, presents itself as a leading company in bottle waxing with Sealing Wax.
Thanks to the wide range of products and the ten-year experience gained on the field, Sincera Sistemi can offer ad-hoc advice and innovative solutions to its customers.

The ease of use of our machines ensures a steady and even production with the possibility of working different bottle sizes, from 0,5 lt. to 6 lt. on standard machinery, and then up to 27 lt. on Sincera XL.
The quality of the finished product and the simplicity of the application are the slogan that we have proudly driven forward since the very beginning. 

Nevertheless, the real beating heart of our success is Sealing Wax, result of years of experience, tests and improvements. Thus, we are able to provide a product of undisputed quality. 
The ease of capsule cut, the colour retention and the consistency make the Sealing Wax the best of what you can find on the market. 

Seek advice from Sincera Sistemi about the most suitable machine for your needs and about the best ways to use the Sealing Wax
Whether you are a small producer or a great wine cellar, Sincera Sistemi will provide you with the best advice and support. 

Seal your Quality in a simple and fast way ! Go for Sincera Sistemi !