Sincera Sistemi
  • How do you remove the capsule?
    You just need to use a bottle opener. Once removed, the capsule does not have splintering.
  • What is the working temperature?
    The working temperature is relatively low, around 90°C / 100° C.
  • Is it necessary to have an exhaust fan?
    Working at relatively lower temperatures does not entail vapours or odours, thus it is not necessary to have a exhaust fans. Anyway, we always advise to work in a ventilated place. 
  • Can I use the remaining sealing wax again?
    Yes of course, our sealing wax can be melt several times. At the end of the production, you can turn off the machine, place the lid onto the tank and let the wax to cool down.
  • Does the sealing wax fade or crack over time?
    No, it does not. It maintains its features and consistency almost unaltered over time. 
  • I would like to seal bottles that may be cooled, is it possible?
    The sealing wax, we provide, can be cooled in the fridge. The capsule won't have cracks, but it will maintain an easy opening anyway. 
  • If I use more than one colour how should I behave?
    You can easily change the wax tray on all our machines. It's enough to buy a tray per each colour. At the end of production, the remaining colour can be left inside the tray, ready for subsequent use.
  • Can I meld again the capsule, if I don't like it? 
    Yes of course, it's enough to wait a few seconds for the capsule to cool down and then you can remove it from the bottle. Moreover you can put the sealing wax into the wax tray again, thus avoiding waste of material. 
  • Can I wrap adhesive strips around the bottle neck to ease the opening process? 
    Yes of course, they are part of our product range. Please, feel free to contact us for any further request.


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